The Elephant and Castle Urban Forest spreads in all directions from the Elephant and Castle tube station but the heart of the forest grows within the Heygate Estate, a social housing estate for 3,000 residents where no one now lives. Demolition resumed across the estate in late 2013 and access is now currently only available on request.

Download an A4 pdf of the map
here. Map illustrated by Rebecca Davies

Key to the Illustrated Map including some links to further information

    1. Crossways Forest Garden / Urban Forest School
    2. Walworth Woods
    3. Meadow Row Gateway
    4. Falmouth Road Gateway
    5. Harper Road Gateway
    6. Cuddington Copse
    7. Chearsley Copse
    8. Allotments Phase 1
    9. Allotments Phase 2
    10. Allotments Phase 3
    11. Forest Screen One
    12. Forest Screen Two
    13. Lloyd Honeygham House
    14. The Great Silver Maple
    15. Kitchen Garden
    16. Brandon Bridge
    17. The Great Forest Walk
    18. Victory Park
    19. Victory Park Gateway
    20. Mobile Gardeners’ Park since 2012
    21. Balfour Street Green Corridor
    22. Nursery Row Gateway
    23. Boris/Barclays Bike Scheme/Cycling infrastructure
    24. Bus Stop NKR
    25. Sweet Chestnut Slopes
    26. The Six Old Men
    27. The Peace Garden

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