“Park and plant” since 2012
Elephant and Castle Urban Forest were invited by Lend Lease, the developers, to apply for a lease to manage a portion on the fringe of the forest (location 20 on our illustrated map). Mobile Gardeners CIC, an off-shoot from the Elephant and Castle Urban Forest, is now running a space for people to grow their own and gather. Free tenancies are available. If you’d like to get involved please contact paul@mobilegardeners.org and follow us on Twitter.com/mobilegardeners.

Guerrilla Gardening
Within the forest were great clearings where once there was just grassy banks and private gardens but during 2011 – 2012 public allotment beds were created within it by guerrilla gardeners. What began illicitly and was initially strongly opposed by the council was ‘tolerated’ until the estate was sealed off in late 2013.

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