Maps of The Forest

1. Frontiers of the Forest, 2011 – the scope of this campaign’s cause in spheres of focus

2. Interactive Tree Census of the Heart of the Forest, 2011 View here

3. Tree Valuation "People’s CAVAT", 2011 – the core campaign content that made the case for saving the trees

4. 2010 Lend Lease original proposal of redevelopment and deforestation – this devastating plan crystallised the need for this campaign

5. 2011 Lend Lease Concept Masterplan – hope is published in this new masterplan showing much less deforestation, and a new park with credit given to this campaigning for the change. Download here

6. Southwark Council detailed map of the Heygate Estate, 2007

7. Planting plan by the developers, 1969 – 450 trees, many 20 year old plants, were a visionary investment in the landscape, many of which we hope will outlive the buildings

8. Aerial photograph before the heart of the forest was planted, 1946

9. Rebecca Davies Illustrated Heart of the Forest, 2011
Download a PDF of this map here.

10. Interactive Heart of the Forest

11. Baubles in trees within the forest neighbourhood, all of which were potentially damaging the trees. Transport for London removed the same baubles from all of the trees within their jurisdiction then this campaign successfully worked with Southwark Council to ensure all the remaining baubles were removed in 2012.

If you have a map of the forest you would like to share please contact us.

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